April 24, 2017

Case Studies

Case Study #1

Hospice Services Alabama

Objective: The main goal was to boost the rankings and traffic of this under-performing local hospice care website in the Birmingham, Al area.  We wanted to focus mainly on keywords related to hospice care + areas in and around Birmingham.

Website History This company website had been rebuilt a couple years ago, so it wasn’t horrible shape as far as having a contemporary look, but at the time, it was only ranking for a dozen more keywords, and search traffic was under 100 sessions per month.

Main Site Issues:  The primary issue with this site was that they did not have specific pages dedicated to the areas of their hospice services.  The site speed was also a bit on the slow side and the pages that were ranking didn’t have any relevant, authority incoming backlinks.  These were all contributing factors to why this site wasn’t reaching it’s potential in the search engines.

Our Strategy:  First thing we did was create brand new pages for all of the locations this home hospice care company wanted to target, as part of our local seo package.  This ended up being about a dozen pages of new content targeting keyword searches like Hospice care Meadow Brook, AL, Home hospice care Vestavia Hills, etc.  All of these pages received optimized titles, descriptions and content that would let Google know the exact phrases and locations the page should be ranking for.   We also made some changes to the entire website to help it load faster, as well as adding NAP (name, address, phone) information to the footer section of every page on the site.

Once these issues were corrected, we began building relevant, authority backlinks to the new pages.  As we began to see ranking improvements, we monitored the site and build additional authority signals as needed to keep the site progressing.

The Results:  During the first 6 months after we made the site changes and began building incoming links, the site saw a search visibility increase of over 400% and overall site traffic increased by 2000%. The site ranks for over 300 local search terms related to their business and location.  Traffic has continued to increase and the business is now receiving a steady stream of fresh leads and potential customers.

Case Study #2

Home Health Care Santa Barbara

Objective: This company wanted to rank for several locations in their immediate areas as well as for broader terms that would boost traffic over many internal pages cross the site.

Website History:  The website has strong on page SEO, a fresh design and solid social media presence.  They ranked for over 1000 keywords, but none on near the top of Google, so traffic wasn’t performing as well as it could be.  The site lacked links from authority websites, which was hurting it’s ability to rank higher for it’s main keywords.

Main Site Issues:  Minor content SEO related issues.  Lack of incoming backlinks.  Lack of authority links.

Our Strategy:  The primary reason the site wasn’t ranking better was due to a lack of backlinks and low quality existing backlinks.  To begin, we performed a full link audit, identifying the “bad apple” links and worked on removing those.  Bad links (low quality, low authority links) can hinder growth across an entire site.  So these need to be dealt with first.

We then started a targeted link building campaign which focused on links to the location pages that already existed on the site.  This campaign focused on key terms such as “home health care Santa Barbara”, “home health services, Ventura”, and “home nursing Santa Barbara”.  We created guest posts on other health related blogs which were also shared on social media and ended up generating hundreds of shares & likes, dozens of comments and two dozen quality backlinks to our focus pages.

The Results: Our link building campaign was a huge success with this site.  You can see in the graphic below that monthly traffic steadily increased from when we began in September 2016.  It’s important to keep in mind that this is a very localized company, so it’s highly unlikely that their website will ever see 10k visitors per month.  The region doesn’t support that.  However, an increase of nearly 300 visitors per month is a huge gain for this business and they saw a noticeable increase in new clients as a result.  

Case Study #3

Home Nursing Care Medford, OR

Objective:  This home nursing care company had an outdated website that lacked proper navigation, had poor on page SEO and just about every problem you can imagine.  They weren’t even ranking for their own business name for their primary location, which is never a good sign.  The main goal was to improve the website performance and usability, as well as boost their search engine visibility for several home nursing and home health care keywords for their local search area.

Website History:  The company had been in business for over 10 years, however their website had never been updated since the company was formed.  This meant it was using extremely outdated theme, which lead to the lack of SEO, poor user experience and poor keyword rankings.  On top of all of this, they had almost no backlinks to their important pages, but this was the least of the problems.

Main Site Issues:  Outdated website.  Poor website user experience.  No authority backlinks.  Poor on page SEO.  No social media presence.  No Google maps ranking.

Our Strategy:  Because we had so many issues at play, we started at the beginning.  We updated this business’ website with a new, modern theme.  Corrected all of the navigational issues. Created new pages and content with solid on page SEO, which targeted the correct services and locations where this company conducted business.  As part of our Social Media SEO package, we created social profiles and accounts on all of the major social media sites and began working on getting followers for those accounts.

Simultaneously, we started a link building campaign aimed at producing high quality, authority links to the home page as well as new internal service pages.  We set up the site for inclusion in the Google maps listing for the Medford area, and built over 50 new citations on local business directories.   Needless to say this was a large undertaking and a long term effort.

The Results:  After just a couple of months from when we began working on this site, traffic started increasing daily to nearly 200 unique sessions per day.  The site also went from ranking for less than a dozen terms, to ranking for nearly 300 variations on local home nursing and health keywords.  These are all lower search volume keywords, but the traffic added up once this site ranked in the top 5 for many of these search terms.

The site also went from having zero Facebook and Twitter followers, to over 1000 and 600 followers respectively.  This is a huge success considering the population of Medford, OR and the surrounding markets.  This is still an ongoing project of ours, and we are currently working on improving the conversion rate of site visitors to leads.