Current State of Home Health Care & Internet Marketing

The home health care industry is becoming larger and more competitive each year.  Periodically, we like to put together a report that shows which home health websites are succeeding in their online marketing efforts.  While it’s a small segment of data, it gives a good baseline of what these companies are doing to succeed with organic search rankings and social media reach.

Home Health Care Rankings
Rank Website Domain Backlinks Organic Keywords Facebook Following Twitter Following Score
1 1,430,000 11,294 5,614 4,419 1,451,327
2 920,000 57,055 48,262 6,818 1,032,135
3 278,000 22,584 43,359 5,003 348,946
4 126,000 18,275 112,500 7,121 263,896
5 115,000 41,758 3,673 4,998 165,429
6 35,622 110,661 10,920 4,096 161,299
7 123,000 17,772 6,720 364 147,856
8 55,500 24,181 30,522 5,316 115,519
9 86,500 15,504 11,157 2,139 115,300
10 11,100 92,418 844 215 104,577
11 39,602 38,296 14,232 2,495 94,625
12 67,000 15,175 7,810 2,673 92,658
13 33,400 15,777 1,065 13,800 64,042
14 28,000 7,059 13,275 2,994 51,328
15 34,400 13,361 0 0 47,761

How We Calculated The Scores

The total score & rankings are based on the total number of back links to the domain, plus the number of keyword the site is currently ranking for, plus Facebook page likes and total Twitter followers.  This gives us a good idea of which companies are actively marketing their business & website online and can potentially give us some new, employable methods for helping smaller, under-performing home health websites improve their search engine & social media visibility.

It’s important to keep in mind that these ranks are not a representation of the total amount of traffic the website receives.  This is more an overview of which home health care companies are doing the most internet marketing, including acquiring quality back links and social media marketing.

You can see that the top 5 home health websites are putting a lot of effort into their social media marketing and they have the Facebook & Twitter followers to prove it.  While social media is important, wet find the organic keywords metric to be a very good indicator of the overall level of marketing that these home health sites are doing..  A few of these companies are very large, including Cox Health & Care Pathways.  They both rank for nearly 100K organic search terms.  Those terms are driving tens of thousands of visitors to their website monthly.  It doesn’t take a marketing expert to see that having a website that is properly optimized as well as a good social marketing plan can generate high quality traffic and thousands of potential customers.

The domain backlinks value is important, but you would need to look under the hood to get a better feel for the quality of the backlinks those domains are receiving.  Backlink QUANTITY isn’t not the end all of link building any longer.  If your website has a minimal amount of backlinks, increasing the volume is not the way to improve.  Focusing on quality links from websites, blogs & directories related to the health field will produce much better (and faster) results than simply getting more, low quality links.

It took us a bit of time to compile this report, so if you wouldn’t mind giving it a little social love, we would greatly appreciate it.

If your company isn’t listed here, but you feel should be included, send us an email at and we will gladly add it.