We Love Local SEO

Local SEO is our specialty and our passion.  We love taking an under performing home health care business websites, finding new ranking opportunities and making them a reality.  Let’s face it, SEO isn’t rocket science,  but to be effective at it there are some basic tactics that must be used and then we sprinkle in a little of our secret sauce, which we’ve developed over years of ranking local businesses.  When you sign up for our local seo package, you’re buying a result and we love delivering you those results.  Take a few minutes to read how we approach local SEO specifically for the home health care industry and please let us know if you have any questions.

Local SEO 101

In a nutshell, local SEO is the process of optimizing a website so it ranks organically (not paid ads) in Google for a keyword search + a location.  These results would appear directly below the Google Maps display on searches where a map is shown or directly below the 3 paid ad spots at the top of the search page when no map is displayed.  See the image below.  You can see here we did a search for  “home health care houston tx“.  The google maps listings appear first and below that are the organic search results.  Having your home health website appear in those first 5 organic results is absolutely essential to generating traffic, leads and sales.


How Do We Get Your Website Ranking?

Local SEO has two main factors that determine how your site will rank.  The first being what’s on the page and how is it structured.  If you don’t have the right content on the page you’re trying to rank, guess what, it’s probably not going to rank.  We do a full site analysis and in-depth keyword research to make sure we’re targeting the best keywords for the home health services you offer for your location.  We then take over your website and make any necessary changes to the content and optimize the structure of the content so it’s ready to rank.

The second factor for ranking locally is how many links you have coming from other websites.  You’ve likely heard the term “backlinks” in the past.  These links to your site are used by Google as a measure of trust for lack of a better word.  When you have links coming from great quality, authority websites, Google sees this as a vote that your site is high quality as well.  The more good links you have, the higher the likelihood that your site will rank well.  We do a full analysis of your current backlinks and then go out and find additional linking opportunities from other websites, blogs, & directories related to the home health care industry.  This is where we have the advantage over other SEO services.  Because we specialize in SEO for home health services, we’ve developed a relationship with a network of health related websites that will provide highly relevant links, giving your company a completely unfair advantage over your competition.

Step 1: Keyword & Competition Analysis:

When you sign up for our local seo package, the first thing we do is keyword & market research.  We want to find out exactly what keywords you may already be ranking for, as well as keyword opportunities that you may not have considered.   Another big part of this step is to see what your competition is doing, so we can blow them out of the water.  We analyze the keywords your competition is targeting as well as their site structure, incoming backlinks, social media interaction etc.   All of this information gives us a blueprint beating your competition in the search results.

One thing we want to mention here is that many SEO firms focus heavily on getting you the highest volume of traffic to your website.  However, this is not necessarily the best practice and here’s why. 100 people per month looking for hospice care prices are considerably more valuable than 1000 people looking for general information and facts about home health care.  We believe the intent of the traffic to your website is much more important than just getting as much traffic as possible, so that’s why we put in the extra effort to find unique keyword opportunities that many other SEO’s will overlook.

Step 2: Site Optimization:

Optimizing your website is the process of properly setting up the content and code of your site/pages so Google can easily interpret the information.  If the content on your site is not relevant to the keywords you want to rank for, Google’s algorithm isn’t going to rank you, plain & simple.  The same goes for the overall structure of the pages and website.  Your site needs to be easy to navigate, user friendly, fast in addition to having the best possible content for the targeted keywords.  Once we’ve determined the keywords you want to rank for, we go in and tweak your site so it’s easy for Google to understand.  We follow Google webmaster guidelines to make sure your site stays in the good graces of Google for the long term.   In the end, we make sure you have good content, proper title and meta tags, optimized images and a clean, speedy site.  We we get all of that set up properly, you’re already ahead of 90% of your competition.

Step 3: Targeted Content:  

Developing relevant, targeted content is one of the more underappreciated aspects of local seo.  But when you realize that Google will only rank a page based on the content that’s on that page, then it becomes very clear that having the best possible content gives you a major advantage at ranking well for your targeted keywords.  If we’re going to rank you for “Los Angeles Home Health Care”, then you’re going to need a page with content related to how your business is a home health care provider in Los Angeles, California.   We use the keyword research from the initial step to not only craft content that Google will rank, but also that your visitors will find helpful and bring you new leads & sales.

Step 4: Authority Backlinks:

Once we have your site and content structured properly, we go to work on link acquisition.  This is the second part of the ranking equation and the most complex.  As we mentioned before, Google sees a link back to your website as a vote for your site.  The quantity of votes is important, but not as important as the quality of the votes.  We focus on building high quality, highly relevant links to your website from other authority websites related to your industry.  The days when you could rank websites simply by spamming thousands of back links are long gone.  Google is constantly getting better at detecting websites who use manipulative tactics to rank and they will penalize these sites without question.  We want your site ranking for the long term, so we stay on Google’s good side by only developing the best quality links that will boost your rankings over time and make your home health website a force to be reckoned with in the search engines for years to come.

The Long Term Value of SEO

Investing in SEO for your business website provides long term dividends in the form of increased leads and sales for your company over time. Once we achieve the desired organic rankings, your site will only require minimal regular maintenance to keep it ranking.  It’s very likely that you’re currently spending hundreds, if not thousand of dollars per month on paid, online advertising in the form of Google Adwords, Bing ads or even Facebook advertising.  While this is a great strategy for the short term, it can get costly over the long run.  For a fraction of your yearly ad budget, our local SEO package will get you ranking and keep the quality traffic flowing.  We’ve even had clients discontinue their paid search advertisements altogether once the organic traffic began rolling in.

One of the questions we’re frequently asked is “how long before our site sees results”?  Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer for this question, because each project has a different set of variables.  Varying keywords, existing site quality, current ranking etc. all determine how effective a local SEO campaign will be.  With that said, most of the health care sites we work on begin seeing results within 2-3 months.  The really exciting rankings start happening in the 4-8 months range.  This is just how the Google algorithm works.  Believe us, if we could make it happen faster, we certainly would.

The Page 1 “Promise”

If your company has been in business longer than a week then you’ve likely already received emails from “SEO” agencies promising to get your site ranked on the first page of Google…without ever having seen your website or researched your specific industry.  Hmmm, now that’s in interesting concept.  How could they possibly know what it would take to rank your website.  The sad fact is that 99% of SEO companies over promise and under deliver.  We don’t make promises of page 1 rankings.  We do promise to use proven techniques that we’ve developed over 13 years of ranking websites to help grow your business, sales & profits.

If you have any questions about our Local SEO package, feel free to give us a call or use the contact form here. If you’re ready to get started now, you can sign up for our Local SEO package below. We will get back with you in less than 24 hours for an initial consultation and to review your information.

Please Note:  Our Local SEO package includes everything in our Google Maps package + everything we’ve listed above.  It’s an amazing value that will dominate your competition.


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